Assuming the importer agrees the amendments, the corresponding bank will inform you that the L/C and amendments have been issued and let you have a copy thereof. You need to just check that the amendments are as your request – you never know! Now you have an accepted L/C which ensures payment. The time has come to start producing the goods. You will inform all of the managers and staff of the receipt of the order and request that the production devision to begin producing the goods concerned. Clearly, this process of producing the goods may be quite long and complicated and may require changes to the design of the product and to the manufacturing line. Of course, you will have planned for these changes and adaptations (both in terms of time and cost) before quoting for the business. As export manager you will want to keep an eye on the production process to ensure that you do not fall behind or encoiunter an problems – if you do, then you may want to communicate with the importer to warn him/her of any delays or changes to the product (you may also need approval for these changes).