Ultimately, if your are a manufacturer or some form of producer, your export product is created or adapted within some form of product process. Usually there is a production system that takes an input (raw materials and/or components) and converts these inputs into an output – the product. This output may be an intermediary product that serves as input to another part of your product process. At the end of this multistage production process, there is a final product which you will package and export. The effectiveness of your overall production process contributes to the quality and success of your final product.

Considering ways to improve your production process

To begin with, if your product needs to be adapted in some way to meet the needs of the foreign marketplace, it is highly likely that your production process will need to be changed to accommodate these product modifications. Secondly, you may want to consider how you can improve your product process to incorporate quality improvements and design changes. These production changes may involve:

  • Acquiring and installing new and/or additional machinery
  • Rethinking the workflow of your factory floor
  • Training your staff to work more efficiently and productively