This is a South African Reserve Bank form required to be completed by exporters once they have sold their goods abroad and have received payment for these goods. Form E essentially underpins the sale of the foreign currency received by the exporter, to the local commercial bank. The form needs to be completed within 30 days of receipt of the foreign currency by the exporter. Form E need only be completed if the amount is greater than R50 000. The details of the corresponding Form F178 that the exporter completed at the start of the transaction must be reflected in Form E.

Forms for Exchange Control

  • Form MP79(a) – Exchange Control Questionnaire. Exemption from Reg 3(1)e and/or 3(1)(f).
  • Form NEP – Declaration i.r.o. Goods leaving the (Common Monetary Area – CMA) without accrual of foreign exchange.
  • Form E – Repatriation of foreign exchange received from abroad form
  • Exchange Control Manual – The South African Reserve Bank provides a complete downloadable Exchange Control Manual.
  • Procedures for import/export transactions – The Exchange Control Department of the South African Reserve Bank provides procedures for the import and export transactions of corporates. PDF document.