We have a list of Export Consultants on the ExportHelp website at http://www.exporthelp.co.za/network/consultants.html. You may wish to appproach one of these consultants who may, for a fee, be able to assist you.

Please note that we are not a transport company and cannot assist you with any freight forwarding requirements you may have. http://www.freightforwarderhelp.co.za contains a searchable database of freightforwarders/transport companies in South Africa and http://www.courierhelp.co.za contains a searchable database of courier companies. Please have a look at these two websites if you are looking for such services.

If you are wanting training in the field of exports, the website http://www.tradetraining.co.za has a listing of training courses by city and ExportHelp has a listing of courses according to month. These can be found at http://www.exporthelp.co.za/training/calendar.html.

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