The export process is made more complex by the wide variety of documents that the exporter needs to complete to ensure that the order reaches its destination quickly, safetly and without problems. These documents include those required by the South African authorities (such as bills of entry, foreign exchange documents, export permits, etc.), those required by the importer (such as the proforma and commercial invoices, certifcates of origin and health, and pre-shipment inspection documents), those required for payment (such as the South African Reserve Bank forms, the letter of credit and the bill of lading) and finally, those required for transportation (such as the bill of lading, the airwaybill or the freight transit order). Documentation requirements for export shipments also vary widely according to the country of destination and the type of product being shipped. Most exporters rely on an international freight forwarder to handle the export documentation because of the multitude of documentary requirements involved in physically exporting goods. It is strongly recommended that you also make use of a freight forwarder to help you work your way through the maze of documentation. Click here for a list of freight forwarders that you can approach to help you.