ExportHelp is a portal which aims to help South African firms – both small and large – take greater advantage of the opportunities available on the global front. Its aim is to assist companies – like yours – to enter the export arena and to grow their exports to the point of becoming successful global competitors.




Bear these national day dates in mind when dealing with the following countries

Samoa 1 Jun
Italy 2 Jun
Tonga 4 Jun
Sweden 6 Jun
UK & N. Ireland 9  Jun
Portugal 10 Jun
Philippines 12 Jun
Russian Federation 12 Jun
Iceland 17 Jun
Luxembourg 23 Jun
Croatia 25 Jun
Mozambique 25 Jun
Slovenia 25 Jun
Madagascar 26 Jun
Djibouti 27 Jun
Seychelles 29 Jun
Congo DRC 30 Jun
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Have a look …

Export documentation
The export process is made more complex by the wide variety of documents that the exporter needs to complete to ensure that the order reaches its destination quickly, safetly and without problems.
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Export network
Help is out there every step of the way with your edport venture!
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Export statistics
Product Flipbox
Trade statistics are an important source of information for the exporter.
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Export marketing
Export marketing, unlike domestic marketing, takes place across national borders. You are faced with unfamiliar barriers to trade such as differing languages, politics, laws, governments and cultures.
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Export reference
Before you commit yourself and your company to a particular course of action when exporting, it is absolutely essential that you undertake some degree of research.
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Export Law
International trade law encompasses the rules and regulations that deal with trade between countries. It can be very complex
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Export tools
There is a lot of help out there for the exporter with tools that make the exporting process a bit easier.
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Export training
In exporting (as in business in general), there are several ways of getting something done. One ofthese is to acquire the knowledge yourself by taking part in training courses.
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Export risk
The task of managing your export-related risks begins with known what the risks. Your first step is therefore to identify the risks that you are likely to encounter and to give some ‘weighting’ to the seriousness of the risk.
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Steps to export success
All the detail is here from planning to export through researching markets, financing, and actually undertaking exporting.
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