According to the Export Marketing Handbook, trade fairs can be divided into several different types. These inlcude:

  • General fairs or specialised industry fairs
  • National, regional or international fairs
  • Fairs open either to the trade or general public only
  • Special event fairs or permanent exhibitions

Deciding on the type of trade fair you want to participate in

In deciding on a particular trade fair, you need to clarify which one of these types of trade fairs is the most suitable for your company and product. If you have a consumer-orientated product and you want to get customer feedback on your product(s), then perhaps a general trade fair that is open to the public would be the best for you (like our Rand Easter Show or the Pretoria Show). On the other hand, if you produce a highly specialised piece of industrial equipment, then a specialised industry trade fair is probably better suited to your needs. On the other hand, if you are want to reach potential customers in more than one country, then an international trade fair is probably best. Understanding the different types of trade fairs will go a long way in helping you formulate your trade fair objectives better, and will also help you select the best trade fair to participate in, in order to meet your needs. With the different types of trade fairs in mind, you can now move on to formulate and document your trade fair objectives.