You are probably reading this page because are considering entering the export market. Possibly a friend has talked about your firm “going international” or perhaps you read something in the newspaper about exporting and you’re wondering if exporting is something for your company. Maybe! Alternatively, you may be thinking of the growth and additional sales opportunities that exports offer or perhaps you are motivated by adverse home market conditions such as a shrinking market share as a result of increased foreign competition.

If you are considering exporting, then you need to think carefully about your reasons for wanting to export. Exporting offers many benefits, but it also has it drawbacks. It is neither quick nor easy and you will have to deal with many challenges you will face in the global context, such as the many different environments you will encounter and the many barriers to trade you will find. If your reasons for exporting are genuine and your firm is a viable business and has something special to offer, then we encourage you to consider exporting. If, on the other hand, you want to export more out of desperation, then forget it (we discuss this in more detail again later).