The Export Cargo Shipping Instruction (ECSI)* is the written instruction from the exporter to the freight forwarder or carrier (shipping line, airline, road hauler, etc.) for them to facilitate the movement goods to the desired destination. It contains information on the goods and the route to their destination, any transport requirements, customs information, who is to receive what documents and how costs are to be allocated. It is extremely important that the information provided in the ECSI is accurate. Most freight forwarders and transportation companies have standard documents that exporters can complete. The document provided will capture all of the necessary information to enable the freight forwarder or transport company to execute their obligations.



It would be wise for you to provide the freight forwarder/transport company with a copy of the L/C (where this is applicable) as well as any changes thereto, to enable them to accurately generate any additional documents that they may be required to complete in order to facilitate the movement of your cargo to your ultimate destination.


* This is the term used by SITPRO in the UK. In South Africa, reference may simply be made to the “exporter’s instructions”.