TATechnical Assistance
TAATrade Adjustment Assistance (United States)
TABDTransatlantic Business Dialogue
TARICIntegrated Tariff of the European Communities
TBTTechnical Barriers to Trade
TCCTrade Compliance Center, U.S. Department of Commerce
TCMDThird Country Meat Directive
TD (T/D)Time Draft
TDTrade Development (U.S. Department of Commerce)
TDPTrade and Development Program
TECTariff Exterieur Commun (Common External Tariff)
TEPTransatlantic Economic Partnership
TETATransport Education Training Authority
TEUTreaty on European Union (Maastricht Treaty)
TFYRThe Former Yugoslav Republic (of Macedonia)
TNCTrade Negotiations Committee
TNCTransnational Corporation
TPATrade Promotion Authority
TPCTrade Policy Committee (United States)
TPESTotal Primary Energy Supply
TPMTrigger-Price Mechanism
TPOTrade Promotion Organisation
TPRGTrade Policy Review Group (United States)
TPRMTrade Policy Review Mechanism
TPSCTrade Policy Staff Committee (United States)
TPSCTrade Policy Subcommittee (United States)
TRIMSTrade-Related Investment Measures
TRIPSTrade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TSBTextile Surveillance Body
TSITrade Support Institution
TSUSTariff Schedule of the United States
TVAValue-Added Tax (Taxe à la Valeur Ajoutée)
TWATrade-Weighted Average
TWEATrading With the Enemy Act