C&FCost and Freight (Incoterm)
C&ICost and Insurance
CACMCentral American Common Market
CADCash against documents
CADICComparative Analysis of Domestic Industry’s Condition
CAFCCourt of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
CAFTACentral American Free Trade Agreement
CAIPCommunity Adjustment Investment Program
CAPCommon Agricultural Policy (EU)
CAPCountry Action Plan
Capra-TFOCCapra-Trade Facilitation Office Canada
CARIBCANCanadian-Caribbean Basin Initiative
CARICOMCaribbean Common Market
CASCountry Assistance Strategy (World Bank)
CBERACaribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act
CBICaribbean Basin Initiative
CCCCommodity Credit Corporation
CCCCustoms Cooperation Council
CCCNCustoms Cooperation Council Nomenclature
CCLCommerce Control List (formerly Commodity Control List)
CCNAACoordination Council for North American Affairs (Taiwan)
CCPITChina Council for the Promotion of International Trade
CEAChinese Economic Area
CEACouncil of Economic Advisers
CEMCAEconomic and Monetary Community of Central Africa
CEPConstructed Export Price
CEPGLEconomic Community of the Great Lakes Countries
CEPTCommon effective preferential tariff
CERAustralia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations
CETCommon External Tariff
CFIUSCommittee on Foreign Investment in the United States
CFRCost and Freight (Incoterm)
CFTAUnited States-Canada Free Trade Agreement
CGConsultative Group
CG-18Consultative Group of Eighteen (GATT)
CGIARConsultative Group on International Agricultural Research
CIACash in advance
CIFCost, Insurance, and Freight (Incoterm)
CIF & CCost, Insurance, and Freight and Commission
CIL (CiL)Clean Import Loan
CIMECommittee on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises (OECD)
CIMSCommercial Information Management System, U.S. Department of Commerce
CIPCarriage and Insurance Paid (Incoterm)
CISCommonwealth of Independent States
CITUnited States Court of International Trade
CITESConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species
CITACommittee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements
CITICChina International Trust and Investment Corporation
CITTCanadian International Trade Tribunal
CIVCustoms Import Value
CMPCountry Marketing Plan
CNCombined Nomenclature
CNUSACommercial News USA, U.S. Department of Commerce
COCOMCoordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls (NATO)
CODECommittee on Development Effectiveness
CODEXCodex Alimentarius Commission
COECouncil of Europe
COMECONCouncil for Mutual Economic Assistance
COMESACommon Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (formerly a PTA)
COI (CoI)Certificate of Inspection
COM (CoM)Certificate of Manufacture
COPCost of Production
CPContracting Party
CPECentrally Planned Economy
CPTCarriage Paid to (Incoterm)
CSCEConference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
CTACommittee on Trade in Agriculture (GATT)
CTFCertified Trade Fair, U.S. Department of Commerce
CVConstructed Value
CVDCountervailing Duty
CWOCash with order
CXTCommon External Tariff