FAFacts Available
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization, United Nations
FARAForeign Agents Registration Act
FASForeign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
FASFree Alongside Ship (Incoterm)
FBPForeign Bill Purchased
FCAFree Carrier (Incoterm)
FCIAForeign Credit Insurance Association (United States)
FCLFull Container Load
FCNFreedom, Commerce, and Navigation Treaty
FCOForeign and Commonwealth Office (United Kingdom)
FCPAForeign Corrupt Practices Act (United States)
FC&SFree Of Capture And Seizure
FCSForeign Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce
FDIForeign Direct Investment
FDIUSForeign Direct Investment in the United States
FERForeign Economic Representative
FF (F/F)Freight Forwarder
FIFree in
FICAFederal Insurance Corporation of America
FIFOFirst-in, First-out
FISCForeign International Sales Corporation
FIRSTFinancial Sector Reform and Strengthening Initiative
FMCFederal Maritime Commission (United States)
FMSForeign Military Sales
FMSCRForeign Military Sales Credit
FMVForeign Market Value
FOFree out
FOBFree on Board (Incoterm)
FOFIForeign First
FOGSFunctioning of the GATT System
FORFree on Rail (Incoterm)
FOREXForeign Exchange
FOTFree on Truck (Incoterm)
FRFederal Register (United States)
FROBForeign Cargo Remaining on Board
FSAPFinancial Sector Assessment Program
FSCForeign Sales Corporation
FTAFree Trade Area
FTAFree Trade Agreement
FTAAFree Trade Area of the Americas
FTCFederal Trade Commission (United States)
FTZForeign Trade Zone
FTZ-BOARDFederal Trade Zone Board
FVFair Value
FXForeign Exchange Service
FYFiscal Year