Procedures for the export of fresh meat from South Africa
The procedures to be followed regarding the export of meat as provided by the National Department of Agriculture – Directorate Veterinary Public Health. Downloadable pdf document.

SABS – Standards Information Centre
SABS plays an important role in import and export facilitation. Our Standards Information Centre can provide information not only on all national standards and compulsory specifications (technical regulations), but also on the standards and technical regulations applicable in most countries with which South Africa trades. We are the National Enquiry Point for the World Trade Organisation’s Technical Barriers to Trade agreements (WTO/ TBT). We sell all ISO and IEC international standards, and the national standards of some countries, which we print on demand, and through our network of standards organizations, we can obtain most other standards in the world. For suppliers of food, certification of the British Retail Council provided by SABS will ensure continued horticultural exports to our greatest trading partner, the United Kingdom.

Wine and spirits agreement between South Africa and the European Union
To get to more information, choose “Divisions” in the left-hand menu and click on “International Trade” in the drop-down menu that appears. Click on “Wine and spirits agreement…” in the top menu.