Requirements for a permit to export mariculture fish on a commercial basis
Downloadable document from the department of environment and tourism.

Application for a permit to export fish on a commercial basis
Commercial fishing is to carry out a fishing related activity such as exporting marine fish for trade purposes. To export marine fish to foreign countries or outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa, you must apply for an export permit which is granted by the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEA&T) or the delegated authority. No person shall export marine fish without a permit. When the existing export permit expires after three months, you must apply for a new one. Failure to adhere to permit conditions may result in its suspension or cancellation.This section of the South African Government Services website gives detailed information about the steps to follow, legal framework, service standard, cost, the forms which need to be completed and relevant contact details of the relevant authority that issues these permits. NB: This export permit excludes fresh water fish which is administered by theĀ Department of Agriculture. Applications for export permits for fresh water live temperate or tropical fish must be made to the Department of Agriculture.

Application for a permit to export fish
Downloadable pdf form to apply for a permit to export fish on a commercial basis. Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.