SABS – Standards Information Centre
SABS plays an important role in import and export facilitation. Our Standards Information Centre can provide information not only on all national standards and compulsory specifications (technical regulations), but also on the standards and technical regulations applicable in most countries with which South Africa trades. We are the National Enquiry Point for the World Trade Organisation’s Technical Barriers to Trade agreements (WTO/ TBT). We sell all ISO and IEC international standards, and the national standards of some countries, which we print on demand, and through our network of standards organizations, we can obtain most other standards in the world. South Africa has enacted and implemented regulations and compulsory standards for the fitness of vehicles used on public roads, as well as off-road and specialized vehicles. In general the standards are aligned with the standards and directives of the EEC and the UN ECE. The National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 governs the standards for vehicles and their fitness for use.

Export control guidelines (Motor cars and other motor vehicles) – ITAC.
Export permits are issued on request on condition that all relevant vehicle details such as the make, model, year of manufacture, vehicle identification number, etc. are recorded on the applicable application form for the export permit and that the request is accompanied by a police clearance certificate.