Trade statistics Publication (2nd Quarter 2013)
Prepared by the Statistical Analysis and Modelling (SAM) unit for the Economic Research and Policy Co-ordination (ERPC) unit The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti)

SA statistics
A government website that provides statistical information about South Africa. Some of the information that can be obtained is the population census, GDP fact sheet, PPI key indicators and the CPI indicators.
To obtain certain information you have to first register, registration is free.

Detailed bilateral trade by country: Exports 2011
Trade data provided by SARS – Customs and Excise

Trade data
Trade statistics on South Africa from the South African Revenue Service can be downloaded here.

Export statistics
Export statistics of export from 1998 to 2002 on South Africa can be found here.

SA statistics
Trade Performance Index, National Export Performance, Trade statistics, the reliability of Trade statistics and certain trade information sources of South Africa can be viewed here.

Useful 2012 trade statistics. Downloadable Excel Spreadsheets.