Malaccamax is a naval term for the largest ships capable of fitting through the Straits of Malacca between Singapore and Indonesia. A Malaccamax ship is defined to be, with 18 000 TEUs, of 300 000 deadweight tonnage, 470 m long, 60 m wide, and 20 m of draft. The restriction is caused by the shallow point on the Strait, where minimum depth is 25 m.Source
Manipulation Processing wherein merchandise is packed, unpacked, repacked, cleaned, sorted, graded or otherwise changed in condition but not manufactured.
Manufacture Generally, the production of articles for use from raw or prepared materials by substantially transforming such materials into new forms.
Maquila/Maquiladora A Spanish word for factory which produces products for export; often under sweatshop conditions.
Marine Insurance Insurance that compensates the owners of goods transported overseas in the event of loss that cannot be legally recovered from the carrier.
Market Fundamentalism A strategy to apply strict market principles-free trade, privatization, and reduced government regulation-to all countries and all situations.
Marking Letters, numbers, and other symbols on cargo packages to facilitate identification.
Master Credit In back-to-back operations, the original export credit against which the second credit is opened
Maturity Due date of payment of a usance bill or promissory note.
Mdg The Millennium Development Goals were adopted unanimously by the Millennium Summit of the UN General Assembly in 2000. The MDG goals are intended to promote human development in order to improve living conditions and address key global imbalances in poverty, hunger and disease.
Merchandise Includes goods, wares, and chattels of every description except Prohibited Merchandise, building materials, production equipment and supplies for use in operation of a zone.
Merchandise, Fungible Merchandise which for commercial purposes is identical and interchangeable in all situations.
Merchandise, Mixed Status Foreign Merchandise which has been combined with Domestic Merchandise in the zone.
Merchandise/Operations, Prohibited Merchandise, the importation of which is prohibited by law on grounds of public policy or morals, or excluded by order of the Foreign-Trade Zones Board.