Given the geographic size of South Africa (and largely because of our relatively good road infrastructure), road freight is seen as an important mode of transportation throughout the country. Indeed, road freight competes with rail freight as the most popular means of moving goods from our inland cities to our ports, as well as between countries in Southern Africa and beyond. While rail is almost certainly the preferred means for most bulk goods (such as iron ore, grains and coal), road freight competes well when it comes down to smaller consignments, mainly because road freight can offer a factory-to-port service, which rail generally cannot do. Even in the instances where a company decides to use rail freight, a road haulier will often carry the goods from the factory to the rail or container depot.

Documentation also differs from company to company

Considering that there are many different companies that compete in the road freight industry, the way in which they operate, the services they offer and the standards they meet, are often very varied. Their transport documents – referred to as a ‘road consignment note’ – may also vary significantly from company to company.

A listing of road hauliers in South Africa

Road hauliers are not well-represented on the web unfortunately. We have done our best, but have only managed to identify the following firms:

Please suggest more companies if you know of them by emailing us at:

You may also want to try Transport-SA’s list of long-distance transport companies or FreightForwarderHelp’s listing of freight forwarders..

Don’t forget the courier companies

Besides for offering quick, door-to-door services, many courier companies will also negotiate rates for carrying your cargo (generally smaller consignments) to the ports, container depots and rail depots. Several of the larger courier companies will also overseas the international movement of your consignment. Below is a listing of courier companies:

The big boys

Other courier companies

Do the trucking yourself!

You may also want to consider handling the trucking yourself. This is not so far-fetched – it will depend on what you have to transport, to where, how it is packed, and the risk involved. Some of the larger car-rental firms also rent out medium-sized trucks.

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