The law relating to international trade, maritime and transportation matters is very specialised. For this reason, on a limited number of law firms specialise on this part of law. At the same time, trade and maritime law can have a significant impact on your export business. The export process is fraught with ‘potholes’ along every step of the way and it is likely that you will need advice or counselling as you move more and more into exporting. To help you identify lawyers that can assist and guide you with your export endeavours, a  list of possible law firms that you might consider approaching is given below.

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But I need to find a lawyer overseas!

If you need legal assistance or advice abroad, then you have two options available to you. The first option is to approach your local trade law firm in South Africa and ask them if they have a partner firm that they can refer you to in the country where you need the advice/assistance. This is perhaps the easiest route to follow. Alternatively, you can try Chambers and Partners website which provides a (limited) listing of law firms around the world.

Click here to access the Chambers and Partners website.
Click here to access LegalBrief – a website that allows you to search for top legal firms internationally.

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