For many exporters, a courier company is an important partner in the export process. At the very least, the courier company will ensure that important documents (such as contracts, transport documents, proposals, presentations, catalogues, brochures, etc.) get to the foreign customer safely. For a few exporters, however, a courier company may even be their preferred mode of distribution.

This is generally the case when you are exporting small, low-weight items of high value (and also not in very large quantities). For example, if you manufacture customised spare parts for machinery that are of a small size and of low weight, but that are essential to keep the machinery operating, then you may well decide to make use of a courier service. A courier service may also be worth using if you need to get a sample to a customer urgently. Although courier companies are generally considered to handle small packages, many of the large companies such as DHL are expanding their operations to handle any specialised urgent cargos!

Below is a list of courier companies

The big boys