In this section, we have compiled a list of export consultants. These are individuals that you can approach to assist you or advise you with your export endeavours. Note, that export consultants are different from export agents or export trainers. An export consultant will normally advise you on what you should do, while an export agent you would normally employ to do the work for you, and an export trainer will show you (train you) how to do the work. There are some companies and individuals that cover two or all three tasks. This list below is just about export consultants.

Contact Company Telephone Electronic
Mr Leon Marais International Trade and Customs Specialists (023) 3464291 E-mail
Mr Andrew Maggs Andrew Maggs Consulting (011) 4424714 E-mail
Ms Ann Moore Ann Moore cc (021) 9767741 E-mail
Ms Liz Whitehouse Whitehouse & Associates (011) 7285878 E-mail
Ms Rose Blatch International Trade Institute of South Africa (011) 8075317 Website
Mr David Graham International Trade Projects (Pty) Ltd (011) 4860585 Website
Mr Brian Isgar Brian Isgar Agencies cc (021) 9762279
(021) 9172233
Mr Daan Toerien Daan Toerien Consultants cc (028) 7543623 E-mail
Ms Hanna Jacobs Hanna Jacobs and Associates (021) 8875764 E-mail
Ms Michelle de Bruyn Kaiser and Associates (021) 4816000 Website
Ms Nora Hill Export Marketing and Management Consultants (031) 5662352 E-mail
Ms Linda Holtes Platinum Mile Consultants (Pty) Ltd (011) 2850119 E-mail
  Ginamar Customs Consulting   E-mail
  J&A Customs Consulting (012) 734 5608
083 466 8363