• ChemIndustry.com – this is not a true buy/sell emarketplace, but it is quite extensive and it is possible to list your company on this site. It is more of a directory-type portal.*
  • Chembargains.com – this is a typical emarketplace, but with a strong Indian focus. The basic service is free, but more extensive feature require are pay-for.
  • Abcam (Specialising in antibodies)
  • ReportLinker – This is not an emarketplace, but you can access over 7000 reports on the chemical industry from this site (you might also want to try www.marketresearch.com).
  • ChemIndex.com – this is more of a chemical directory (as with ChemIndustry above), but you can submit your site for registration. The site has a strong Asian influence.
  • ChemEurope.com – the site is more of a portal than a typical emarketplace, but you can list your product here.
  • BuyersGuideChem – again, this is really a directory than an emarketplace, but it is worth listing your products on this site. It is a pay-for service though.
  • ChemNet – this is a typical emarketplace, although it has a heavy Asian influence. Free to register but ‘gold members’ (who pay a fee) enjoy added benefits.
  • Chemical Online – claims to be a vertical marketplace for the chemical industry, but is more of a chemical directory, although you are able to list your product under the ‘products’ heading leading off the home page.
  • ChemSources – this is also a chemical directory and is available as a book, CDRom or online service. It involves a one-time set-up fee of approximately $30. They claim to list 8 000 companies from 135 countries.
  • Chemical Register– Still another chemical directory which offers a free basic listing, but you pay for more advanced advertising. They claim to list over 10 000 suppliers and 50 000 products.
  • Chemical House – not a great e-marketplace, but it does contain some useful information and news for the chemical exporter (badly organised, though)
  • ChemDeals – looks worthwhile, but is mainly for trading surpluses, overstock, and dead or obsolete stock.
  • ChemCross – offers a proprietary e-trading platform, as well as other useful information such as market intelligence, price indices, plus a chemical glossary
  • Chem – strong Korea focus and more of a directory than an emarketplace, but has free registration
  • Chempages.com – worth a visit (part of the ectrade.com emarketplace)
  • Made-in-China – sub-section of the main website and has a strong China influence, but definitely worthy of a visit
  • eChinaChem – a chemical emarketplace with a strong Chinese influence
  • PlasticsAhead – a B2B exchange with an Indian influence. Obviously has a plastics focus.
  • Chem99 – more of a chemical portal, it is not clear the value of this site. It has news and pricing information, but it is difficult to say how useful this information is.
  • Chemisearch.com – a search directory focusing on the chemical industry, worth a visit.
  • ChinaChemNet – similar to several of the other directories mentioned above, with an Asian focus.
  • ThomasNet – one of the leading company directories for the US covering over 600 000 industrial companies in North America.

Chemical industry news

Try the following sites for news on the chemical industry:

Also worthy of a visit: International Council of Chemical Associations