Throughout the ExportHelp website we have regularly emphasised that the exporting process is complicated and difficult, and can lead to failure if the exporter does not follow all the steps through carefully. For this reason we outlined in some detail the steps to export success. However, we recognise the important role that export software plays in facilitating the journey to export nirvana. For this reason we highlight those companies that are at the forefront of export software development. Follow the links below to learn more about these companies.

Export Management Software – some considerations:

  • Will reduce the likelihood of an export violation occurring through improved compliance; Standardisation and centralised control of all documents and knowledge.
  • Provide a consistent process for the handling of all exports, along with uniform procedures and internal controls;
  • Efficient distribution of data and information, empowering exporters and improve processes, especially when integrated with ERP / Financial software packages
  • Improve your negotiating position when dealing with third parties’ logistics / service providers; Significant savings in transaction costs for both the exporters and service providers,
  • Provide a platform for additional improvements in business processes and systems;
  • Help reduce errors associated with matching to the Letter of Credit (L/C). This allows for documentation to be aligned with the letter of credit without affecting the source data by importing the L/C directly into the software and generating the documents according to the L/C.
  • Latest technology platform with integrated EDI functionality directly with SARS (Electronic Customs Clearance of documents),
  • Export VAT compliance module: The intricate requirements of the VAT legislation, and its growing complexity especially relating to exports, make accurate and reliable VAT requirements tracking, imperative to Exporters. Streamlining workflows and eliminating the re-entering of information.
  • Providing access to export information /reports for operations, management analysis and executive reporting,
  • Costs are usually per transaction and could easily be the most cost effective solution employed.

Source: Siyakhanda International Trade Concepts (SITC)

Other links

EasyClear (Pty) Ltd)
EASYCLEAR (PTY) Ltd, develops software solutions for South African and International customs clearing, forwarding and logistics agents providing both agent and importer/exporter with the ability to submit their customs declaration and manifest to SARS electronically via EDI, our solutions integrate with 3rd party software solutions providing for seamless integration of data across the supply chain, please visit for more information or contact us on 011 043 1400.

Siyakhanda International Trade Concepts (SITC)
SITC offers exporters ExportDOCS, a software program that allows users to capture and track information needed to complete all standard documentation and manage the export process. It is a dedicated software system that caters for stand-alone sharing of information as well as sharing of data between subsidairies. They have also developed a number of other useful programmes for exporters.

Advanced Customs Solutions
Established in 2001, Advanced Customs Solutions provide the freight industry with independent freight software designed to the specific needs of the industry. Developed in-house, the Advanced Customs Solutions provides a comprehensive tariff book and freight system, which, in turn, provides further sub-components, namely an import clearing system, an export clearing system, a bonded store facility, groupage and break-bulk components, and an invoicing system.

Online cargo management system developed to give logistic chain managers as well as their clients online access to the cargo movement and warehouse stock levels.

Shipshape is another supplier of popular export software packages that cover all modes of transport, seafreight, airfreight and road freight. There program is windows based and has full EDI capabilities with Customs including the new SAD500. All exports documentation is provided for under this module. They also have Import, Invoicing, Warehousing, Tariff Book and Groupage modules.

Magaya Corporation
Magaya Corporation offers logistics software designed specifically for freight forwarders, NVOCCs, logistics providers, warehousing and distribution centers, importers, exporters, and others. Our software is a complete package that integrates logistics, communication, and accounting features built on the award-winning Magaya Network. Companies can exchange documents for shipping and more with their customers and agents worldwide via the Network and give them real-time tracking online and on smart phones.

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