Checklists are widely used in many fields to aid in completion of a task by ensuring uniformity and completeness. Checklists are designed to prevent failure by correcting for human memory and knowledge limitations. Their use in exporting is no exception and can often make the diference between success and failure, particularly when dealing with processes you are unfamiliar with. In this section we discuss a number of useful checklists to assist you with your exporting endeavours.

Import Export Workbench – Export Checklist
This Export Checklist has been prepared for small-business US exporters. Since shipping documents are the same for all exporters worldwide, this Export Checklist can be used by any exporter worldwide. For exporters from other countries outside the USA, check with your local foreign trade department for internal documents required by your country.

Export checklist
This straightforward checklist allows you to assess the progress of your exporting initiative or to get a snapshot of the entire process.

The ultimate export checklist
iContainers provide an export checklist detailing the most basic aspects of international trade to take into consideration when you’re facing your first export.

Exporter checklist by Access to Export
When exporting and trading internationally, it is vital that the correct processes and procedures are used and the appropriate export documentation raised to ensure that all transactions are accomplished correctly and in a fully compliant manner. As an exporter, you should be able to correctly answer all the following questions otherwise you may not be exporting correctly!