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List of training providers


Programme in e-marketing


In exporting (as in business in general), there are several ways of getting something done. The first is that you have enough experience to do it yourself. If you don’t have the export experience, you can identify an export consultant who can advise you on how best to do it. Furthermore, you can let someone – an export agent, for example – do the exporting on your behalf. Alternatively, you can also hire someone to teach you how to do it and that’s where we are now!

Our list of export training organisations

There are several organisations that you can turn to in order for them to help train you in various aspects of exporting. Some of these training organisations are stronger in some aspects of exporting (such as documentation, logistics, marketing or risk management) than others. ExportHelp has compiled a comprehensive list of South Africa export training organisations. Work through this list and visit their respective websites or contact the organisations for more information. ExportHelp also has a training calendar that will indicate what courses are offered when.

  • Click here to visit this calendar.

    If there is an export-related training organisation that is not listed here that you believe should be, please inform us of their website and contact details.



    Type of training


    International Trade Institute of Southern Africa (ITRISA)


    ITRISA provides formal (one-year Certificate, two-year Advanced Certificate and three-year Diploma) and informal (short courses) training in all aspects of exporting. These are amongst the most comprehensive export training programmes available. ITRISA's formal programmes are available via distance learning and designed to be career enhancing, while the short courses are aimed at equipping exporters with the skills needed to tackle day-to-day operational and management issues in the international trade field.  Public short courses are conducted on a regular basis in Johannesburg, while in-company training is offered in all provinces and can be tailored to suit clients' specific needs.  Popular topics include: international transport modes, shipping logistics, customs procedures and documentation, payment methods, costing and pricing, market access requirements and international contractual issues.  ITRISA is fully accredited in South Africa by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and internationally accredited by the International Association of Trade Training Organisations (IATTO). 

    Tel: (011) 8075317

    Fax:  (011) 807 5321


    Robertson's Cargo Consultancy Pty Ltd.

    (Cape Town)

    ‘Robertson's Cargo Consultancy (Pty) Ltd. is accredited by the TETA for a full qualification in Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance!!  Qualification number 59365 Level 03 Credits 130.  We can assist you with the NEW Customs Modernisation and SA Customs Act.  All in-house training is negotiated at reduced rates dependant on the number of participants plus we will present them according to your requirements.

    Our cargo insurance master class has been presented successfully in Malaysia as well as all around South Africa, having CPD hours allocated by the Insurance Institute of South Africa.  Plus we are accredited trainer in Incoterms ® 2010 rules.

    Telephone: +27 21 856 0470

    Cell: +27 82 871 2788

    Fax: +27 86 647 6772


    Institute of Export (IEX)


    The IEX is run by the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) Graduate School of Business (GSB) and also offers a national three-year qualification (diploma) focusing on all aspects of exporting. In addition, the IEX/IMM also offers short 1-3 day training workshops on exporting during the course of the year The IMM is accredited by the CHE.

    Tel: (011) 6282000

    Fax: (011) 7264505

    Freight Training (Pty) Ltd


    Freight Training is a well-known local training institution that specialises in export and freight/logistics related matters. They are experts on the Incoterms and export risk-related issues and regularly offer training courses to the exporting community. In-house training tailored to your specific problem areas is also offered and is very popular.

    Tel: (011) 622 6596

    Fax: (011) 4504153

    Platinum Mile Consultants (Pty) Ltd


    Run by Ms Linda Holtes, another of the community of experienced South Africa export consultants and trainers, this company offers training in various aspects of exporting.

    Tel: (011) 2850119

    Fax: (011) 8867176

    Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Nafcoc/JCCI)


    JCCI offers regular export-related workshops covering aspects of the exporting process. Their courses are usually a day or two long and are conducted by industry experts.

    Tel: (011) 7265300

    Fax: (011) 4822000

    SA Agri Academy

    (Cape Town)

    Run by Ms Lina Keyter, an experienced export trainer and a qualified UN/ITC trade tutor, the Agri Academy specialises on the agricultural industry, but has a very good reputation and offers a variety of export-related training programmes.

    Tel: (021) 8801277

    Fax: (021) 8801274

    School of Shipping

    Cape Town



    Port Elizabeth

    School of Shipping Head Office is located in the centre of Cape Town, with branches in JNB, DBN and PLZ. Accredited Courses have been developed according to the rigorous demands of the South African Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) and therefore carries the applicable accreditation for IMPORT, EXPORT and CUSTOMS CLEARING and FREIGHT FORWARDING related subjects. We adhere to the highest standard of business practice and strive to help our students become educated shipping and freight professionals. NATIONAL CERTIFICATE: Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance: SAQA 59365

    National Contact details:

    Tel: 0861 000 445

    Fax: 086 547 9925

    or email:

    Ann Moore cc

    (Cape Town)

    Ann Moore is one of South Africa's most experienced international trade consultants.  She offers consulting services to exporters and is an accredited trainer for the SEDA national Export Orientation Course, and presents on-demand export courses through intermediary organisations, such as Wesgro, Cape Town Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and IMM Graduate School of Marketing.

    Tel: (021) 9767741

    Fax: (021) 9767741

    National Productivity Institute (NPI)


    The NPI specialises on productivity matters, but runs occasional export training workshops that focus on the question productivity and competitiveness.

    Tel: (011) 8485300

    Fax: (011) 8485555

    The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)


    DTI offers regular training workshops throughout the country where they provide a solid introduction to exporting, covering all of the essential basics.  

    Tel: (012) 3941020 (012) 3941014

    Fax: 0861 843888

    E-mail form

    University of South Africa (UNISA)


    Unisa’s Centre for Business Management provides a one-year Programme in International Marketing that is aimed at equipping learners to deal with the challenges of international marketing.

    Tel: (012) 4294376

    Fax: (012) 4292437

    West Coast Business Development Centre (WCBDC)


    The WCBDC offers an export development programme in conjunction with SEDA and the CT regional chamber of commerce and industry. The programme enables participants to attend a full series of practical export training courses covering all essential elements of exporting such as Incoterms, export costing, methods of payment, international marketing, export documentation and foreign exchange.

    Tel: (022) 7141731

    Fax: (022) 7152015

    Export Marketing & Management Consultant


    Nora Hill of Export Marketing and Management Consultants, was Regional Manager of SAFTO for five years and hold diplomas in Export Marketing, Marketing Administration, and is a registered Trade Tutor for the International Trade Council (Geneva UNCTAD) Global Competitiveness Programme which incorporates the Business Management System. 

    Tel: (039) 316 8175/6954

    Fax: 086 671 4079

    Durban Chamber of Commerce (DCC)


    The Durban Chamber runs regular seminars on various aspects of exporting.

    Tel: (031) 3351000

    Fax: (031) 332 1288

    Cape Town Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    (Cape Town)

    The Cape Chamber provides exporters in the Cape Region with a comprehensive range of exporter training under the auspices of their Export Development Programme. This 11-module programme covers both practical and theoretical modules and is offered in Cape Town, Saldanha Bay and George.

    Tel: (021) 4024300 

    Fax: (021) 4024302


    (Cape Town)

    Wesgro runs an Exporter Development Programme (EDP) for the Western Cape which caters for the requirements of local exporters. This EDP is designed for entrepreneurs with existing businesses, who intend and have the potential to enter export markets or those who want to diversify their existing export markets. Wesgro introduces a multi level approach to exporter development that meets the needs of various businesses.

    Tel: ( 021) 4878600

    Fax: (021) 4878700

    SA Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC)


    The South African Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC) is a Section 21 (not-for-gain) organisation, which is a Public-Private-Partnership between South African business and the Department of Trade and Industry to drive export initiatives from the following sectors: Electrical Engineering, Electronics,ICT, Business Services. They also offer a number of Export Training and Workshops

    Tel: (011) 315 0209

    Fax: 086 661 1327

    SA Maritime School and Transport College


    Maritime school and Transport College, Durban, South Africa. SA Maritime School and Transport College has been offering Learnerships and skills programs since 1986.Certi8ficates & diplomas in international trade, specialising in either Shipping practice, ports and distribution, customs clearing and forwarding.

    Tel: (031) 205 7041/7495/7539

    Fax: (031) 205 7498

    World Trade Centre Club


    Offering 1-3 day specialised Training Courses in the fields of International Import and Export for the emerging marketplace.

    Tel: (011) 268 2344 

    Fax: 086 510 33008

    Customs Coaching & Consulting


    Offering 1-3 day specialised Training Courses in the fields of Customs issues:

    1. A one-day workshop to help importers or clearing agent staff achieve a better understanding of Customs requirements etc and in doing so help them address the requirements Section 98 and 99 of the Customs Act.
    2. A course consisting of 8 modules for clearing agents.
    3. A one-and-a-half-day course dealing with legal issues with respect to Bonded Warehouses and the Degroup Facility.

    Tel: (011) 2827 8198

    Fax: 0880 11 827 8198

    Online form

    SA Maritime


    Maritime school and transport college, Durban, South Africa Maritime school and Transport College, Durban, South Africa. SA Maritime School and Transport College has been offering Learnerships and skills programs since 1986.

    Certificates & Diplomas in International Trade specialising in either

    • shipping practice
    • Ports and Distribution
    • Customs Clearing and Forwarding

    Tel: (031) 337 7889

    Institute for Quality

    The Institute for Quality is registered with the Department of Education and accredited with the TETA for 6 full qualifications in this sector.
    Qualifications are: International Trade (level2), Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance (level 3 and 4), Shipping (level 4), Freight Handling (level 3) and the
    Logistics Diploma (level 5).
    IQ is an accredited assessment centre and therefore qualified to offer RPL on all its courses. IQ Currently offers an opportunity to be RPL’ed towards the FIATA Diploma.
    Skills programmes offered are registered and meet industry requirements.
    Programmes are tailored to suit your needs and time. The mode of delivery is flexible to include: elearning, blended learning, face to face, distance learning ,
    full and part time. Visit our website for more information.

    Contact Person: Dr Tholsia Naicker
    (031) 3045050 (Durban: head office)


    Metro Minds is a professional service provider capable of designing and engineering your skills development from concept to delivery. Courses include Letters of credit, basic and advanced import and export, incoterms. All programs are aligned to SAQA unit standards.

    Tel/Fax: (011) 976 4199


    "EXIT" is an ATF company, meaning “Accredited Training Facilitators”. We supply the ATP's with lecturers. ATP's are Accredited Training Providers, the companies providing the training for you. Another part of what EXIT does is act as broker for the training companies that they lecture for, so they can be a one stop shop of shipping education for the industry. They also run a basic course to train lectures & get inexperienced people into the industry.


    Skills Development Specialists (SDS)

    Skills Development Specialists is a fully accredited training provider (Accreditation. No TETA: 03-022) to the Clearing and Forwarding Industry.   Established in 1997, our courses run on a part time, full time, one day and correspondence basis.   We are committed to providing training via the “chalk and talk” method where students attend lectures, submit assignments, sit for final examinations and submit portfolios of evidence where required.  Although we do not deny that an internet training methodology may work for certain students, SDS does not support training via the internet and our students are required to commit themselves to the attendance of planned lectures, normally on alternate Saturday mornings from 08h00 to 13h00.

    Tel: 0861 113 987

    Flight Safety Training SA

    (Cape Town)

    FlightSafety Training's cargo and dangerous goods programmes offer a variety of courses to provide aviation and air cargo professionals with a solid foundation in accepting, handling and shipping all types of goods by air.

    Tel: +27 21 934 0981
    Fax: +27 21 934 0981
    Cell: +27 82 563 2669

    Hazardous Goods Training


    Hazpak Trainaid  has been in operation since 1995. We are recognized as the experts in packaging, consultation & training in the Dangerous Goods industry within South Africa. Our IATA and IMDG trained staff ensure a high level of efficiency and safety in the packaging of hazardous materials for Air & Sea freight.

    Tel: 031 904 3536

    Dangerous Goods Training and Assessing Services - Dantran


    Dantran Dangerous Goods Training & Assessing Services was founded in 2001 with the purpose of creating value for our clients by utilizing innovative applications of the transport of Dangerous Goods and Environmental and Safety Management. We provide our clients with technical expertise that assists them in meeting compliance deadlines and managing crucial projects on time and within budget.

    Tel: 011 867 2368

    Y2K Customs Academy

    (Cape Town)

    It is with a vision towards preparing individuals for the global market, that THE TOTAL PACKAGE invites everybody, including and more so the previously disadvantaged groups, to participate in this rewarding career. No country can solely and prosperously exists on its own, independent of other countries. The Y2K Customs Academy offers a full-time/part-time diploma in International trade & transport as well as programmes in Shipping practice, International Airfreight Procedures, Customs Clearing and Forwarding and Compu-clearing Outsourcing.

    Tel: 021 671 7168


    (Cape Town)

    Specialists in dangerous goods, they offer training and seminars.

    Tel: 0861 345 222


    (Nationwide - online training)

    Founded in 2008, GetSmarter is a high-touch online education company comprising of 60 employees and over 20 teachers. We work with top universities and industry experts to present a portfolio of over 25 courses throughout South Africa, and have educated over 10,000 students to date.

    We work with the University of Cape Town and Random House Struik Publishing House and various industry experts to present online education throughout South Africa and abroad.

    GetSmarter is also the first and only entirely online training company to be accredited by any SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) as a provider of education and training in South Africa. Institutional accreditation number: 3692.

    Tel: 021 447 7565

    Logtrain International

    Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Freight & Customs Training

    Logtrain International keeps abreast of the latest Supply Chain Management and Logistics trends and developments which are constantly incorporated into our Workshops. These workshops are professionally presented in order to ensure that you and your company will obtain maximum benefit in terms of skills development. Your company will rise to new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and operational capability when you enrol for Logtrain International Workshops

    The leader in skills training, e-learning, courses & workshops in the following fields: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Air, Sea, Road & Rail Freight, Transport, Shipping, Importing, Exporting, Incoterm, Customs, Bond Store, Warehousing, Marine Cargo Insurance, MIDP 

    Tel: 0861 008 251

    WH Wine Export Services & Training

    Willem Hendricks, owner and trainer of WH Wine Export Services & Training, has been working in the wine export industry for more than 17 years. He draws his experience from the time spent working at The Department of Agriculture and
    currently as export manager of a wine farm.
    His hands-on experience in the wine logistics area has made him a specialist in his vocation.
    Willem now offers his expertise in the form of training and wine export related
    Training offered
    • The Essentials of Wine Online - A practical guide to export processes and documentation
    • Wine Online Advanced – A problem and solution focused training
    • One on One – A personalised training session held at your desk at your company.
    Training is currently offered after hours at your company.

    Wine Export Services
    A full range of wine export services are offered from the certification of
    wine to declaration of loading.
    Please contact us for a quote tailored to your company’s needs.

    Tel: 082 432 8302

    Clearline Consulting (Pty) Ltd

    Enhance your skills. Start your career in Logistics and supply chain management today! Register for one of our professional development courses. We offer:

    • High quality courses and training material
    • TETA accredited facilitators who are leading professionals in industry
    • Exciting and high energy classroom environment

    Tel: 082 562 6274, 072 672 2073


    Tariff Smart

    Training and Consulting Services to Importers and Exporters.

    Tel: 071 738 1043


    Additional links

    • IEI Online Learning – Want to try something on the international front? The International Import-Export Institute provides a range of export-related internet courses, as well as a degree in international trade.
    • Skills Portal – Interested in other types of (non-export) training? Try the Skills Portal.
    • Centre for Business Management – Unisa’s CBM offers over 60 different short learning programmes (up to 1 year) to some 20 000 learners each year. Interested? Give their website a visit.
    • Transport Education & Training Authority TETA - The main aims of TETA are:
      • Development and implementation of the Chamber Skills Plan (Scarce and critical skills).
      • Facilitate high Quality Education and Training delivery in the workplace.
      • Approval of Workplace skills plans (WSP), Annual Training Reports (ATR) and Discretionary Grants.
      • Disbursement of SDL and DG grants.
      • Monitoring of Education, Training and Development (ETD) activities.
      • Deliver and achieve training as set out by DoL SLA.
      • Capacitate Stakeholders on NSDS II objectives.
      • Increase Stakeholder participation.

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