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Export Councils - alphabetical listing


Aluminum Federation of South Africa (AFSA) (Industry Association) Tel: (011) 455 5553
E-Mail: afsa@afsa.org.za
Website: www.afsa.org.za
City: Johannesburg
Automotive Industry Export Council (AIEC) Tel: (012) 323 2980
E-Mail: norman@naamsa.co.za
Website: http://www.naamsa.co.za
City: Pretoria
Built Environment Professional Export Council (BEPEC) Tel: (011) 463 7383
E-Mail: poelofvt@cesa.co.za
Website: www.cesa.co.za/international/about.php4
City: Johannesburg
Capital Equipment Export Council (SACEEC) Tel: (011) 849 7388
E-Mail: osiriscon@icon.co.za
Website: www.saceec.com
City: Johannesburg
Clothing Export Council Tel: (021) 76 16421
E-Mail: jack@clothingexports.co.za
City: Cape Town
Farmed Abalone Export Council Tel: (021) 7011820
E-Mail: upson@iafrica.com
City: Cape Town
Fresh Produce Exporters Forum / Fruit South Africa (FPEF) Tel: (021) 526 0474
E-Mail: stuart@fpef.co.za
Website: http://www.fpef.co.za
City: Cape Town
Meat Exporters of South Africa (MESA) (Joint Action Group) Tel: (012) 361 4545
E-Mail: ceo@samic.co.za
Website: www.samic.co.za
City: Pretoria
Rail Road Association (RRA) Tel: (011) 761 2434
E-Mail: jit-rra@mweb.co.za
Website: http://www.rra.co.za
City: Johannesburg
SA Aerospace Maritime & Defence Industries Association (AMD)

Tel: (012) 420 1540
E-Mail: info@amd.co.za
Website: www.amd.org.za
City: Pretoria

SA Association of Consulting Engineers (SAACE) Tel: (011) 463 2022
E-Mail: roelofvt@saace.co.za
City: Johannesburg
SA Boatbuilders Business Council (SABBC) Tel: (021) 418 6134
E-Mail: veda@sabbex.co.za
Website: http://www.sabbex.co.za
City: Cape Town
SA Cosmetics Export Council (SACEC) Tel: (011) 793 1144
E-Mail: sacec@yebo.co.za
City: Johannesburg
SA Dairy Foundation (Industry Association) Tel: (012) 348 5345
E-Mail: Koos.coetzee@mpo.co.za
City: Pretoria
SA Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC) Tel: (011) 661 1327
E-Mail: director@saeec.org.za
Website: http://www.saeec.org.za
City: Johannesburg
SA Equine Trade Council Tel: (031) 314 1926
E-Mail: horsetradesa@mweb.co.za
City: Durban
SA Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors (SAFCEC) (Industry Association) Tel: (011) 409 0900
E-Mail: export@safcec.org.za
City: Johannesburg
S A Flower Industry Council (SAFGA) Tel: (011) 692 4237
E-Mail: info@saflower.co.za
Website: www.saflower.co.za
City: Johannesburg
SA Footwear & Leather Export Council (SAFLEC) Tel: (031) 701 4206
E-Mail: paul@saflia.co.za
City: Durban
South African Fruit & Vegetable Canners' Export Council (SAFVCA) Tel: (021) 871 1308
E-Mail: arlene@safvca.co.za
Website: http://www.safvca.co.za/
City: Cape Town
SA International Steel Fabricators (ISF) Tel: (011) 726 6111
E-Mail: neels@isf.co.za
Website: http://www.isf.co.za
City: Johannesburg
SA Iron & Steel Institute (SAISI) (Industry Association) Tel: (012) 320 2450
E-Mail: PeterD@saisi.co.za
Website: www.saisi.co.za
City: Pretoria
SA Jewellery JAG (Joint Action Group) Tel: (011) 3341930
E-Mail: ivonah@jewellery.org.za
Website: www.jewellerysa.com
City: Pretoria
SA Ostrich Business Chamber Tel: (044) 272 3336
E-Mail: admin@saobc.co.za
City: Oudtshoorn
SA Print & Packaging Export Council (SAPEF) (Industry Association) Tel: (011) 699 3000
E-Mail: ekuhl@pifsa.org
Website: http://www.pifsa.org/
City: Johannesburg
SA Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) (Industry Association) Tel:(011) 883 0119
E-Mail: lesley@sassda.co.za
Website: www.sassda.co.za
City: Johannesburg
SA Textile Industry Export Council (SATIEC) Tel:082 455 3263
E-Mail: satiec.grow@mweb.co.za
Website: http://www.satiec.co.za
City: Pretoria
SA Wire Business Council (SAWA) Tel: (011) 453 0921
E-Mail: dries@sawa.co.za
Website: http://www.sawa.co.za
City: Johannesburg
Steel Tube Export Association of South Africa (ASTPM) Tel: (011) 823 2377
E-Mail: astpm@astpm.com
Website: http://www.astpm.co.za
City: Johannesburg
Vegetable Joint Action Group Tel: (012) 3320696
E-Mail: marianne@qcfresh.com
City: Pretoria
Wines of South Africa (WOSA) Tel: (021) 883 3860
E-Mail: su@wosa.co.za
Website: http://www.wosa.co.za
City: Cape Town



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Step 7:Selecting and researching potential countries abroad
Step 8: Preparing and implementing your export plan
Step 9: Obtaining financing for your exports
Step 10: Managing your export risk
Step 11: Promoting the firm and its products abroad
Step 12: Negotiating and quoting in exports
Step 13: Revising your export costings and price
Step 14: Obtaining the export order
Step 15: Producing the goods
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